Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dickens by Candlelight cake

Last Sunday TLS had a little cast party for the cast and crew of "Dickens by Candlelight" and I was asked to provide the cake.  Since it was to be a carrot cake, I couldn't make the cake far in advance to save time, so last weekend was truly an incredibly busy weekend.  I baked the cake on Saturday and on Sunday I got to work decorating it.  Considering that I also had to bake cupcakes for the evening's performance, and that it took no less than 2 hours to get the right shade of maroon for the tablecloth I was understandably pressed for time.  In the end I had to take the unfinished cake with me to the theatre, and during the first act I managed to finish the decorations and put the whole thing together.

During act 2 I photographed the cake, using the materials that were being used on the foyer tables.  I do admit to having had much grander plans for the design of the cake, but as time went on and I realised how overworked I was, the design got simpler and simpler.  In the end it was probably a good thing, as there is definitely something to be said for simple elegance.   The cake ended up just as I had imagined it would, and Abigail was delighted.

However, what put the biggest smile on my face was the fact that the cake was big enough to feed 50 people at least, yet not a crumb was left after only 17 people had had their fill.  I guess they like my carrot cake!!!!  To me that is the biggest complement of all.

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