I will make any flavour cake requested, but below are my most popular flavours.  All my cakes are made with fresh, top quality ingredients.  On request I will prepare cakes for those with special dietary restrictions where possible.

Bourbon vanilla
Chocolate zucchini
Chocolate mud
Gluten-free chocolate
English rich fruitcake

Fillings and Icing

The sky is the limit when it comes to fillings and I am more than willing to take individual requests.  For some combinations there are restrictions, the most notable being whipped cream and fondant.  Cream will dissolve the fondant if in direct contact and fondant doesn't necessarily take kindly to refridgeration.

Bourbon vanilla buttercream
Chocolate buttercream
Lemon buttercream
Cream cheese
Chocolate ganache (white, milk and dark)
Chocolate mocca ganache
Whipped cream
Mascarpone cream

All of the above can be combined with either fresh fruit or fruit preserves.
Unless otherwise requested, all my cakes are covered in homemade fondant

Unless otherwise agreed, all my english fruitcakes are covered with marzipan and fondant.

N.B.  If you are interested in a traditional English Christmas cake please contact me asap!


Here are just a few flavours out of countless possibilities!

Bourbon vanilla
Death by chocolate
Chocolate mocca
Strawberry cheesecake
Red velvet
Nutella hazelnut (gluten free!)

In principle any of the icings listed with the cakes can be used for the cupcakes.