Please note that I am still awaiting official registration here in Finland and will not be able to sell cakes until registration is complete.  This should happen by December 1st, but I will keep you all posted on this blog!

All my cakes are custom-made to order, thus making it impossible to give a set price for my cakes.  With every order I take the time to sit down with my customer and discuss the customer's specific requirements and wishes.  If desired, I will offer  a tasting session to help the customer make an informed decision.  The final price is highly dependent on the complexity of the cake, ie how much time is needed for its preparation.  For every order I will quote a price and I guarantee that the final price will never exceed the quote.  50% of the price is due before I start work on any cake.  The other 50% is payable upon delivery.

Please place your order at least 2 weeks before expected delivery.  I run a very small scale operation and need time to properly devote myself to each cake.  That said, cupcakes can usually be delivered within a few days of ordering.