Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Year has Passed.....

Hard to believe it has been over a year since my first blog entry, yet so much has happened and I have learned more than I ever thought I would in a year.  One Lorraine McKay figure course and two Alan Dunn sugar flower courses later I like to think my skills have significantly increased.  Although I started out a year ago thinking I would branch out into the world of cupcakes,  I now realise  that my ultimate love is for sugar flowers.  Alan Dunn never ceases to amaze me with  his talent, and I have a dream of one day being able to make flowers that look absolutely real.

After my great success with the Christmas cakes I made in bulk for many of my colleagues, the New Year saw a marked increase in cake orders for me.  Most of them were children's cakes, a great place to begin, I believe!  Although somewhat limited in how much one can earn with children's cakes, I have to admit that they are always great fun and immensely rewarding to make.  I treasure the wide-eyed looks of wonder and delight of each birthday child when he/she sees his/her cake for the first time.  it means more to me than the money I earn from the cake to see those little faces shining with delight!

When I make cakes for adults, the focus is entirely different; despite the admiration for the cake itself, usually the key factor is the flavour of the cake.  How delicious the cake is seems to be the ultimate criteria.  Just recently a friend and colleague ordered two undecorated cakes for a party he was planning.  He actually wrote on the invite that there will be "Sonja's cakes"!!!  What a compliment that was:)  Lest I lead you astray, I should also note that despite the shift in emphasis with adult cakes (and I don't mean naughty cakes!) these have invariably also been the most challenging to make.
After a year of  making cakes to the tune of nearly four a week, excluding the summer holidays, it's time to start writing the business plan and to make concrete plans for the future.  My clients and friends, colleagues who have bought my cakes have given me the confidence to really make this a reality.  So time was spent this past summer talking to people and my banker about my prospects and finances.  With a lot of very encouraging feedback I am hatching a plan.

But before I can fulfill this plan I need to take more courses and practice, practice, practice my decorating and my flower making skills.  I also need to  compete, successfully I might add, in order to give myself more credibility.  Sooooo, come next spring I will be entering my first competition(s).  Wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed for me!!!!!!

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